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FFP2 - Disposable half mask respirators

PPE Clacification: Disposable half mask respirators
Type: FFP2 valved and FFP2 unvalved
Respirator Masks – FFP2  with ties
Respirator Masks – FFP2  with straps
Standards: EN 149:2001+A1:2009
Filtration Efficiency  ≥94%
CE clacification : Class I Non-Sterile
CE marked

Please refer to the data sheet for detailed technical information

Respirator masks are filtering respiratory protective devices to protect against particles to cover the nose, mouth and chin and are required both with inhalation/exhalation valves. The mask consists entirely or substantially of filter material. It must be designed to provide adequate sealing on the face of the wearer against the ambient atmosphere, when the skin is dry or moist and when the head is moved. Respirator masks must be classified according to their filtering efficiency and their maximum total inward leakage.

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