Søndre Borgen 8F, 1388, Norway

Sterile surgical gown

Type: Standard Sterile Gowns
Style: Elastic cuffs, long ties sewn at waist and neck
Standards:13795-1:2019AAMI PB70BS EN 556-1:2001
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
CE classification: Class I Sterile
CE marked

Please refer to data sheet for detailed technical information

Sterile Gowns are used for procedures that do require a sterile product. They are required where the users need a degree of comfort and protection with high risk of fluid where simple plastic aprons do not offer enough coverage or protection.

Relevant datasheet will be available by request ( info@innocare.no)

Gowns has type test EN 13795-1:2019 Surgical clothing and drapes